Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Marmalade Radio Show Vol. 2 # 12: Playlist 07/04/2015 @ Music Society (Last of The Season)

Donovan – Colours
Vulcan’s Hammer – The Goodwin Sands
Electric Prunes – Sold To The Highest Bidder
Pink Floyd – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Max Kinghorn-Mills – Dark Globe
The Chemistry Set – See Emily Play
Sendelica – The Craeft Worker
Crystal Jacqueline – Water Hyacinth
Will Z. – Namo
Permanent Clear Light – Constant Gardener
Χτισμένες Των Θεμελίων – Χαμένα Καλοκαίρια (demo version)
Social End Products – Utopia
Ακούγοντας Τη Φύση Μου – Μπαλόνια
Terraoin All Tears Flow To The Sea
No Man’s Land – Flame
Balduin – Pretty Size!
S.T. Mikael – Claustromania
Adam Axelzon – Symbol 4
J. W. Farquhar – The Formal Female Part 1
Al Simones – The Adventures Of Asmodius Forsythia
Eugene Carnan – On Your Mind
Bridget St. John – Thank You For…
Radha Krishna Temple – Sri Guruvastak
Fairport Convention – Farewell, Farewell

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Marmalade Radio Show Vol. 2 # 11: Playlist 31/03/2015 @ Music Society

Karen Dalton: Little Bit Of Rain
Dave Van Ronk: Hesitation Blues
Dave Evans: On The Run
Virginia Tree: Comical Wise
Silver Birch: Crazy Man Michael
Sandy Denny: Late November
Jefferson Airplane: We can Be Together
Pretty Things: S.F. Sorrow Is Born
Pink Fairies: Track One Side Two
Twink: Suicide
S.T Mikael: The Eternal Spirit
Rake The Fonts: Bucketful Of Rain
Sula Bassana: In Space
Komet Lulu: Tremolove
Acid Mothers temple: Twilight
Ghost: Hazy Paradise
Kimio Mizutani: Sabbath Day’s Sable
Wigwam: Every Fold
Flaesket Brinner: Tamzara
Steven Wilson: The Day Before You Came
Dukes Of Stratosphear: 25 o’ Clock
Sammal: Muuruhaisen Paivanni
Kraftwerk: Kristallo
Can: Sing Swan Song